10 Gauge

10 Gauge 2 7/8 55.00 USD




10 Gauge 3 1/4 60.00 USD




10 Gauge 3 1/2 65.00 USD




10 Gauge Resizing Die


10 Gauge resizing die for plastic shells 15.00 USD




These kits are tools for reloading shot shells and are not used to fire or to handle the pressure's of firing a shot gun shell. never use any unpublished load data or use in a manner they are not intendid for. we are not resposeable for anyone that use's these or damages that may happen from improper use.


Return policy is 90 days money back please email that you are returning a item. we will honor defective items just contact me with problems so we can make a decision if it is a defective item or a problem with something else that can be easily fixed.

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