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In the wake of recent events - including the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut - politicians and so-called Gun Control advocates have set their sights on the Second Amendment...with calls for potential infringements on our Constitutionally guaranteed right to Keep and Bear Arms.


hand loader kit

The Lanes Hand Loader is the ideal tool for hunters and target shooters who don't want to spend a bundle on shotgun reloading press just to reload a few shells. Those of you familiar with the once common, Lee Loader for shot shells will appreciate it's simplicity of the design and ease of use. Particularly popular is the 410 gauge reloading kit as there are no other inexpensive options for the loading in this gauge that we are aware of.

brass reloading kit

The Brass Reloader is nice inexpenseive tool for them old brass shot shells for a life time of use. Designed for hunters and target shooters.This kit comes with the tools to deprime and prime and a ram rod to pack your brass shells the only thing needed is primers, powder, shot and wads. reloading has never been easyer.

priming tool


The Lanes Priming tool is the perfect tool. easy, fast, simple . Inexpensive way to prime shells and small enought to take with to the range when trying out different loads. Takes no time to prime a box of shells. Waste no time loading a feeder.it's small uses no room. Designed for brass shot shells.  

Lanes Resizing Die

Made for plastic shell's. Easily resize the brass part of the plastic hull. In just a couple of minutes you can resize a box of shells. built to last for a life time of use. Made from 4140 steel.






Our specialty is making the best possible reloading products at affordable prices. The Lane team has been providing affordable reloading products since 2009. We are thankful to say Lane team products are machined and assembled in the USA. Learn more...


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